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Dig if you… Life is just a…. Yeah, we’re gonna do it extra right this year at the

when doves crEye Ball

Rude Mechs’ annual fundraiser party.




crushAustin Events #2 and #3

Peter Stopschinski & Lana Lesley bring you a shopping fantasy on synths & mics.
Hannah Kenah will help you write funny we’ll buy you a drink when you’re done!




The crushAustin kickstarter campaign raised $14,000  – that’s exactly $4K more than we planned. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED!

With that, we launched crushAustin with Event #1 on July 29th in City Council District 10 – Kirk Lynn’s Replacement Tapes. Our deep thanks to the Reese/Rune household and the brave and game audience.

Stay tuned to our website for crushAustin updates.