Rude Mechs will bring our unique voice and signature style of theatre-making to each of the 10 districts in Austin. We will share everything from fully staged productions, to workshops, to salons. What each district gets from us is wholly contingent on what kind of space we can find to work in that month.

We spent the last 18 years building a home for Austin artists, The Off Center, but a couple of months ago, we were priced out. In the face of this change, we are launching crushAustin, and we are going to do exactly that—CRUSH IT, really really good. The kind of crushing that is so good it is transformative.

We want to insert our creativity into every nook and cranny of Austin with the very best new independent cultural productions. Not palatable fare, but the kind of shit that curls your toes and takes your breath away and makes you lose your mind. We want to scour its backside for inspiration in sites of actual cultural production and join forces with others in making work that matters. We want a forum for conversations between artists and audiences about the shape of things to come.

Field Guide to premiere at Yale Repertory Theatre January 2018.

crushAustin will focus on “the city” as a collective and as a collaborative structure. Austin has raised us, made us who we are, but now it needs some looking after, some care and attention as Austinites try to figure out what kind of city we want to be, what we value, and what our civic life should look like.

When space is valued in dollars and cents, when the future is reduced to capital accrued, then our most important contribution as an arts organization is to provide alternative ways of engaging in the now.

July 29 – Replacement Tapes – District 10  Hosted by Bonnie Reese and Erik Rune, an adventurous group of theatre-goers experienced this intimate night and together performed this new play by Kirk Lynn. We will be leaning on them to create A Christmas Karaoke.

August 27 – Grageriart – District 4 Lana Lesley & Peter Stopschinski are Grageriart. They will perform 45 minutes of their noise & music excavation of your favorite home shopping catalogue at Carousel Lounge, 9:30p.

September 24 – Stand-Up Comedy Workshop – District 1 Stand-up comedian and company member Hannah Kenah will lead this workshop culminating in a short set by YOU, and drinks on Lana Lesley at Sahara Lounge, 3pm.

October 28 – The When Doves CrEye Ball – District 3 It’s our annual fundraiser party. It’s one of the best things we do. At Springdale Station, 7pm.

November 10, 13, 15 – Table – District 7 Philly-based artist Jennifer Kidwell and Thomas Graves have been creating a show together. They are ready to share some of it with you. And they want to share some food with you. And that is what the show is. Sharing food. Let us sit around the table together and eat this work-in-progress. At 2008 Justin Lane 78757, 8pm.

December 9 – 24- Karaoke Christmas Carol – District TBD  It’s our version of A Christmas Carol, but it’s really your version. With our incredible state-of-the-art, fully collaboratized and individualized “Karaoke system” you will experience Christmas past, present, and future like never before.

January – Salon in a Salon – District TBD We have so many brilliant academics in our community, we want to make them use their heads for art. This year will be based on our experience talking with NESCent scientists at Duke. Art & Science!

February – Off Center On Screen – District TBD The Off Center is gone, but we can still share all the stuff we made there. We’ll screen our play from 2003, El Paraiso, among other great nuggets, and feed you popcorn.

March – Fixing Troilus & Cressida – District TBD It’s the third installment in our Fixing Shakespeare series by Kirk Lynn – where Kirk takes a lesser-produced play by Shakespeare and rewrites it completely with not just contemporary English but a shit-ton of curse words.

April – Perverse Results – District TBD We’re leaving this slot open for inspiration. It might be the 3rd episode of our Perverse Results series. It might be a book launch for Lana’s new book. We don’t know. Can you live with the uncertainty?