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THE KING & EYE BALL was one of our all-time best parties (pics to prove it!) and we couldn’t be more grateful to all the folks that came, danced, partied, bought things, and especially to the ones that put it up and made it go!!!  So THANK YOU for your support, friends. It means the world to us here at Rude Mechs. Click here for a look at the 20th Anniversary season you just supported.


SVT presents
With Great Difficulty Alice Sits
by Hannah Kenah
Oct 27 – Nov 19

Rude Mechs rents The Off Center out year-round to local groups at the cheapest rates in town. To find out what’s playing, go to ourWhat’s Playing calendar.

About Rude Mechs

Rude Mechs is a collective theatre company that has created a genre-defying cocktail of 26 original plays that we produce at our venue, The Off Center, in Austin, TX. Our repertory includes Stop Hitting Yourself, commissioned by and premiered at Lincoln Center, Now Now Oh Now, a National Theatre Pilot winner, I’ve Never Been So Happy, our western extravaganza, and The Method Gun, which has toured to such far-flung destinations as Brisbane (Australia), and Houston, Texas.

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written by William Shakespeare
fixed by Kirk Lynn
directed by Alexandra Bassiokou Shaw
Warning: Lots of “F” bombs.

Tickets on sale now!
When: November 6th and 13th @ 5pm
Where: The Off Center
2211A Hidalgo St., Austin, TX 78702
Tickets: Purchase tickets here
$10 plus processing fees

“Lynn has injected one of Shakespeare’s least performed plays with a dose of vitality that brings it vibrantly and hilariously (back) to life.” — Cate Blouke, Austin Chronicle

a sci-fi homage to genius inventor and mad scientist Nikola Tesla

Tickets on sale now!
When: Dec 1 – 18
Where: The Off Center
Tickets: Purchase tickets here.
Sliding Scale $12-35 + processing fees

The 20th Anniversary Season

November 6 – 13: Fixing Troilus & Cressida
December 1 – 18: Requiem for Tesla
January 22: Off Center On Screen
February: Symposium on Collectivity
March: Perverse Results
April 13 – 16: Guerilla Artifacts Project
May 12: Buh-Bye “Bonfire” Party
June: Off Center Teens