Fixing Timon of Athens

Written by Kirk Lynn | Directed by Madge Darlington and Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw

About The Play

It’s pretty simple. Timon starts out super rich and super positive and super popular, but his frivolous generosity takes its toll. After getting even with the people he feels betrayed him, he wanders off into the woods, super poor and super pissed off… finds more gold, then dies alone. Also there’s a warrior that is in some kind of trouble with the Senate.

Warning: Lots of “F” bombs.

Production Support: Fixing Timon of Athens is funded entirely by ticket sales. Our gratitude to the cast and production crew for working for peanuts to make this happen. Rude Mechs is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

About Fixing Shakespeare

Fixing Timon of Athens is the second installment in our Fixing Shakespeare series.

Taking place in rotation with our Contemporary Classics series, our new series, Fixing Shakespeare will make William Shakespeare’s least produced works useful again. Ask yourself how many Shakespeare plays you know or have seen, subtract that number from thirty-seven (depending on who you ask), and those are the plays we are working to fix using our patented performance creation methodology, contemporary English, and adding curse words. (Shakespeare cursed plenty, but most Elizabethan curse words have lost their spice. Zounds!)

In some ways, we’re offering you a more authentic experience of what a new Shakespeare play might be like than an actual Shakespeare play. In other ways, not so much.


Arts Writing

“Austin playwright Kirk Lynn ‘fixes’ Shakespeare’s problematic plays” – Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Austin American-Statesman


Andrew J. Friedenthal, Austin American-Statesman  | Theater review: Rude Mechs’ “Fixing Timon of Athens” rejuvenates Shakespeare

Shanon Weaver, Austin Chronicle  | The Rude Mechs’ Fixing Timon of Athens: The theatre collective’s latest repair job on a broken Shakespeare play is wildly accessible, welcoming, and enthralling

Michael Meigs, CTS Live Theatre Blog  | Review: Fixing Timon of Athens by Rude Mechs


Video available upon request.

Production History


World Premiere production | The Off Center, Austin, TX | February 4 – 27, 2016

written by William Shakespeare
fixed by Kirk Lynn
directed by Madge Darlington
co-directed by Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw

Timon: Tom Green
Apemantia: Barbara Chisholm
Flavia: Elizabeth Doss
Vinnie: Robert Faires
Alcibadia: Ellie McBride
CC: Robert S. Fisher
Braymount: Lowell Bartholomee
Cupid / Creto / Johnsy: Jay Byrd
Creto, Demetrius, Bandit: Nate Jackson
Nerus, Atlas, Bandit: Vince Tomasino

Lighting Design: Stephen Pruitt
Costume Design: E.L. Hohn
Sound Design: Robert S. Fisher
Original Music: Peter Stopschinski
Environment: Madge Darlington
Production Stage Manager: Courtney Cales
Technical Director: Oliver Freeman
Master Electrician: Dallas Tate
Painter: Leilah Stewart
Carpenters: Tom Lucenti, Kandrea Wade, Patrick Brassell
Box Office / FOH Manager: Rachel Gilbert
*Environment inspired by Jerry Rojo’s design for The Performance Group’s Dionysus in 69.

Public Readings

The Off Center, Austin, TX | November 2nd and November 9th, 2014

directed, designed and stage managed by Lana Lesley
live art by Aron Taylor
original music and sound design by Peter Stopschinski

Timon: Tom Green / Barbara Chisholm Faires
Apemantia: Hannah Kenah
Flavia: Adrienne Mishler / Barbara Chisholm Faires
Vinnie: Robert Faires
Alcibadia: Florinda Bryant
CC: Robert S. Fisher
Braymount: Lowell Bartholomee
Cupid / Senators / Stage Directions: Jay Byrd

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