Blind Sight, Dark Whornet, Toxic Water

10:00p Blind Sight
9:00p Dark Whornet
8:00p Toxic Water
7:30p doors

Blind Sight is an innovative art project that seeks to challenge accepted norms of music performance. Live music is performed in complete darkness, thereby affording the audience a whole new listening experience. Absent of any visual stimuli, the music can be appreciated in more detail with no distractions from what your eyes can see. It also challenges the audience to experience the temporary feeling of being blind.

All the music is composed by TJ Wade(Foot Patrol, MC Terroristic). Blind Sight is a fictional video game designed for the visually impaired population. The other musicians featured are Greg Yancey (Opposite Day) and D Madness (D Madness Project).

Dark Whornet is regularly billed as Brown Whornet, a seminal post punk band that spans over twenty years in the making. They will be performing their first ever set in the dark. They have been blowing minds since the early 1990’s in the Austin music scene, combining their virtuosic playing with an absurdist Dada aesthetic.

Toxic Water is a musical duo that does DIY nihilistic multimedia presentations to soothe the unstable mind. Though unable to be pigeonholed into one genre, Toxic Water has been called “Avant-Coldwave” and “Industrial Post Punk Theatrical Mood Swing” by discerning psychopaths. The instruments used are both homemade and traditional. Utilizing metal springs connected to piezo pickups as percussive and multi-tonal instruments, the duo creates a tapestry of noise to bombard the senses whilst projecting a virtual light show of homemade videos, which are synced to the live music performance.

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